REALTOR® Membership

An individual must have an active Indiana Real Estate License prior to joining the Board.  Please contact the Board to request a New Member appointment. We will send the membership documents and obtain some basic information to get the process started. The New Member appointment will take approximately 45 minutes.

The cost for Realtor membership is pro-rated monthly.
Click Here for the fee structure.

AFFILIATE Membership

Any individual who works in the real estate industry, local community or government agency can apply for membership. The membership packet is available below. Membership fees for Affiliates are as follows:

$125.00 application fee

$200.00 annual dues primary membership (pro-rated based on join date)

$125.00 annual dues for additional membership or for individuals who are members of another board.

Affiliates who need access to listed properties can also apply for key service. This will require additional paperwork and fees. Key fees are based on service type and join date. Contact the board office for more details.

MLS Office Membership

A Managing Broker may apply for membership in the MLS. The cost for a new office is $1,000.00. This is a one-time fee and includes the use of lock boxes. Managing Brokers making application must be a member of a Board of Realtors. Please complete the application and return to

Lock Box Service

    • ACTIVE KEY – Separate Device
    • eKEY BASIC – Smart Phone App
    • eKEY PROFESSIONAL – Smart Phone App with Membership Information
  • COST OF SERVICE (6 Month Fee)
    • Active Key – $201.36
    • eKEY Basic – $187.88
    • eKEY Pro – $236.86